DASH has just had another stellar day. The coin hit $136.51, which is the highest level since July 2019. Despite the retreat towards $121.50 by press time, the coin is still nearly 36% higher since the beginning of the day. The coin now takes 12th place in the global cryptocurrency market rating with a market value of over $1 billion.
Kryptonews reported recently, that Internet outages in Venezuela support DASH adoption in the crisis-stricken country as it can be sent and received via SMS service. However, it is not the only possible reason behind the growth.

Twitter users discuss Dash Evolution rollout that has brought some notable changes to the ecosystem.

Terry Langston noted:

Dash Evolution rolled out huge (3 yrs in development) Name-based transactions that r private/secure. Dash DAPI platform & Dash Decentralized Storage utilizes leverages Dash decentralized PoService & PoW infrastructure (game changer).


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