Top News from Monday through Wednesday

Crypto exchange Binance buys Trust Wallet in a first acquisition deal

Litecoin co-founder CharlieLee will serve as an advisor to HTC Exodus, the native blockchain smartphone developed by the Taiwanese consumer electronics firm HTC.

Bitmain to open a new data centre in Texas as North American expansion continues.

The Agricultural Bank of China has issued a farmland loan worth $300,000 on the blockchain in a trial.

Korean Exchange Bithumb has suspended the issuance of new KYC bank-linked virtual accounts after failure to renew and establish a contract with a bank.

Japan’s SBI Group to take 12% stake in Clear Markets, a swaps trading venue, as part of its efforts to expand in the cryptocurrency space.

Google’s plans for censored search in China, one that censors Wikipedia and information on freedom.

Coin and Token News

NEO will have an AMA on August 2nd! (Feel free to send us questions and we will ask for you)

0x Protocol Team’s first official visit to China– meetup in Beijing on August 2nd.

The mobile version of ICONex for iOS is now available.

TRON is setting up its first office in India

Ultrain Technology raised US$20 mn cornerstone investment from Danhua Capital, FBG Capital, BlueRun Ventures, 8 Decimal Capital, OK Gang Capital.

TRON launches Tron Virtual Machine and Project Atlas, “a project to strengthen the foundations of Tron to make it more efficient”.

CertiK announced that it has obtained strategic investment from Jingwei China. Jingwei China is one of the earliest investment institutions in the field of blockchain.

Data reveals that approximately $5.2 million worth of Innosilicon mining rigs have been imported from China to the US by Blockstream

Exchange News

One of the best PR posts in my opinion: “I am still amazed at the number of people who want a selfie with a boring guy like me.” — CZ.

Business News

Rumour of Tencent issuing a digital token is not true

Hong Kong citizens worry that the economic situation is going down, 23% are considering switching to virtual currency. acquires 30% stake of Allianz China blockchain insurance service

Thailand’s largest movie theatre chain will accept cryptocurrency Rapidzpay.

Crypto mining firm CEO in Vietnam allegedly flees with $35 mn in investor, company Funds.

IDG Research lists innovative blockchain startups in Southeast Asia.

Regulation News

The state-level Chinese government agency responsible for censoring media output in the country may soon have a cryptographer on the payroll.

18,000 victims lost $25mn on scamcoin pyramid scheme in China.

Andrew Yang, a second-generation Chinese American running for U.S. presidency as a Democrat in 2020, has announced his acceptance of cryptocurrency and Venmo as forms of donation.

*China Media* Blockchain technology has been explored in multiple ways under the Xiong’an region of ChinaGoogle Translated News


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